Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions – in relation to QHHT®

The Interview

  • What kind of life questions would clients list to prepare for their session?

Clients would typical list any important questions that would relate to personal challenges in their lives. These are usually related to personal problems and/or challenges with family members, friends, work colleges and health problems.

Some would have personal experiences that they don’t fully understand, and they would like to bring more light to these. These could be personal or maybe general ‘curiosity questions’ related to spiritual experiences.

Most clients would also ask for their purpose in life, their mission or what to do next, and some would ask for healing of physical, emotional or mental problems.

The Induction

  • Will all clients experience a deep sleep-like trance or hypnotic state?

A majority of clients will experience a light trance, a deeply relaxed state while being fully aware – and some clients will be more or less aware and will be able to recall most of the details of their experience.

A minority of clients (say 1 out of 20) will be fully absorbed in a deeper trance, a deeply relaxed state while not being able to recall anything or very little of their experience.

All clients will however receive a recording of their session experiences that they are encouraged to listen to in a relaxed state with closed eyes – when back home.
When listening to this recording – over and over – this will help promote further integration of the experience and help complete the healing process.

The Past Life Experience – Regression

  • Will all clients have experiences of past lives during the regression?

A majority of clients will re-visit episodes from one or more past lives and have experiences relating to these previous lives that would help them understand and resolve issues in their present life.

A minority of clients will re-visit episodes from their present life only – and if so, this would also show up to help them understand and resolve issues in their present life.
It might be more relevant for them at this stage, and they may regress to past lives in another session, if this is needed at any later time.

An absolute minority of clients may experience imagery that doesn’t seem to relate to past life experiences. However, the continuous stream of imagery will eventually enable them to reach a deeper state of relaxation that will allow for the Subconscious Experience, which is the main purpose of any QHHT® session.

  • Will QHHT® work for a person who doesn’t believe in past lives?

Yes, there is no requirement for any believe system, and if you don’t believe in re-incarnation then that is absolutely fine. You may find yourself receiving visions in the form of fantasies or daydreaming and these would serve you well and help you to understand and resolve the issues that you may have.

  • Is there any danger attached to the regression experience?
    Is there any possibility of getting stuck back in time?

The re-visiting of past life experiences is absolutely safe, and impressions from these would never be carried into this life in any way or form that would cause you to feel stuck, disturbed or compromised.

  • Is the regression always successful?

The regression does work very well for an absolute majority of clients, and there are ways of making it easy to be successful. The more you are able to relax the easier it will flow, and if relaxation is an issue, then tips and tricks are available to help you relax at even deeper levels.

  • How do I get the best out of my QHHT® session?

The more you are able to let go of being in control – the less your left brain is analyzing – the less your Ego is interfering – the easier it will be for you. We need to cooperate and your Ego is allowed to come for a ride to observe what is happening, and we will allow it to stay in the background. We want the Ego to lean back and learn.

During our cooperation there are 3 good tips to help us get the best out of your experience:

  1. Whenever I am asking – always answer me with the first thought that comes to your mind.
  2. Whenever I am asking – always include and describe every possible detail.
  3. Whenever I am asking – always allow your self to talkand keep talking a lot.

The Subconscious Experience – Communication & Healing

  • Will all clients experience contact with their Subconscious (SC)?

The main purpose of QHHT® is to achieve clarity and healing of present life issues of which some may be understood and to a certain extend relieved during the Past Life Experience – however, most of the clarity and healing is achieved during the SC experience.

An absolute majority of clients will experience having access to a higher aspect of themselves from where questions may be answered with more clarity and wisdom than would otherwise be available to them. I will be the one asking the questions that you want answered – and you will be the one answering them – you will do this by talking about yourself in third person – in this part of your QHHT® experience.