Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopahty is a great art and science of natural dynamic medicine, and a true holistic therapy for the sick and suffering, capable of dealing with all levels of healing: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – acute and chronic.

Homeopathic medicine is natural, energetic, pure, diluted, free of side effects and safe to use, and the appropriate selected remedy naturally stimulates the healing resources, always present deep within us, thus leading to a permanent cure.hom_medicine

The founder of Classical Homeopathy was the German doctor and chemist,
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

  • His greatest discovery is The Law of Similars: ‘like cures like’.
  • His greatest invention is the method of ‘potentizing‘, whereby the healing powers of a substance are being released to produce a dynamic, natural medicine without side effects.
  • His greatest development is the method of ‘proving’, whereby remedies are taken by healthy persons, in order to elicit the healing faculties of the remedies.
  • His greatest contribution to the art and science of healing is Organon of the Medical Art, a written manual on how to practise Homeopathy accurately, and in accordance with clearly defined principles and laws of healing, to restore in clients the highest possible level of health.

Homeopathic methodology has advanced over time, however it is still firmly based on the profound teachings of Samuel Hahnemann.

The practice in this clinic is also based on these teachings and is furthermore greatly inspired by highly skilled contemporary teachers, who all are honouring the basic principles of Classical Homeopathy.