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Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

Special Homeopathic Procedure for ADHD/ADD

A special promising homeopathic procedure is now offered to our clients with ADHD/ADD.

The new method is using a different approach in case-taking, case-analysis, remedy selection and choice of potencies. It has proven highly reliable and is very much needed for arrival at a satisfactory high level success rate for this client group. The case-analysis method may also be used with other type of clients.

Preparatory Consultation – Preliminary Case-taking (0.50 hour)

This is a brief preliminary case-taking for orientation where parent and child describe the actual complaints. Previous medical examinations and tests may be brought for review.
The course of the homeopathic treatment is explained, including: procedure, treatment goal, management of possible obstacles, time required and chance of success. Questionnaires are introduced and the importance of very careful observation during the following two weeks prior to the main consultation is explained. A score form to measure the intensity of ADHD/ADD is introduced for initial assessment. Finally an appointment for the main consultation is scheduled for about two weeks later.

Main Consultation – Case-taking & Prescription (1.50 hour)

Inspection of the questionnaires: the symptoms given on the questionnaires are discussed and verified. The chief symptom with its characteristics and additional symptoms needed for selection of the most appropriate remedy are considered and analysed by use of special homeopathic software. After careful analysis and differentiation the most appropriate remedy similar to the characteristics of the case is selected. Instructions on how to administer the remedy in repeated doses during the next four weeks is then given.

Follow-Up Consultation – Evaluation of Prescription (0.75 hour)

The parent and client explain how the response to the remedy was experienced and the score form to measure the intensity of ADHD/ADD is filled out for comparison with the previous scores to help evaluate the client’s progress.
There are usually 4 weeks between Follow-Up Consultations.
If the selection of the appropriate remedy is definite, and it continues to help the client progress without further need for change of remedy, the next Follow-Up Consultation may be scheduled after 4 months. However, the strength of the remedy will need to be changed about every 4 weeks and an evaluation is therefore still needed to monitor the progress, either by phone or by other means of correspondence.

Course of Treatment

How the treatment will progress is very individual and depending on the character of the actual problems and complaints. In general a minimum of six months of commitment to this homeopathic procedure is needed for clients with ADHD/ADD.

Scientific Evidence

Scientific evidence is presented in the book of the Swiss physician, Dr. Heiner Frei:
Homeopathy and ADHD, 2015 Kandern, Narayana Verlag, 2015: 224 – Conclusions
‘We can conclude from this that 74% of all children with ADHD/ADD are so much better with homeopathy that they can lead a normal life at school and in the family’.

Abstract: Eur J Pediatr. 2005 Dec;164(12):758-67. Epub 2005 Jul 27.
Homeopathic treatment of children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder:
a randomised, double blind, placebo controlled crossover trial.

Original Paper: Eur J Pediatr. 2005 Dec;164(12):758-67. Epub 2005 Jul 27.