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The Homeopathic Healing Process

The Homeopathic cure starts with a selection of the most appropriate remedy

  • Homeopathy is a very deep acting healing modality once the right remedy is given.
  • The right remedy will activate the healing forces, and a curing process will follow.
  • This process will need to be monitored during successive follow up consultations.
  • The process will in time aim at accomplishing a gentle, profound and permanent cure.

The Homeopath is not always able to select the right remedy initially

  • This may not always be due to limitations in his acquired skills and experience.
  • Selecting the right remedy is sometimes difficult, depending on the character of the case.
  • Some clients may well receive the right remedy at the end of the first consultation.
  • Some clients may well receive the right remedy at the end of a following consultation.

The Prescription is dependent on the individual and so is the reaction

  • Some clients experience a dramatic change and a rapid cure from the right remedy.
  • Some clients experience a more subtle change and a slower cure from the right remedy.
  • Some clients may improve from a remedy, but are only being cured after the right remedy.
  • Every case is a new individual case, and every client responds differently to their remedy.

The Homeopathic healing is a process demanding patience of the client

  • It is not only about having one dose of the most appropriate remedy and then all is done.
  • Sometimes a remedy has to be repeated in different potencies at specific intervals.
  • Sometimes several remedies would need to be given successively to accomplish a cure.
  • The client will need to understand the value and importance of the follow up consultations.

The Client needs to be responsible for himself when taking part in this process

  • The client will need to receive and follow instructions given as best advises for cure.
  • There might be specific things to avoid such as certain foods, drinks or other therapy.
  • There might be obstacles to cure, and these may need to be addressed by the client.
  • The client will need to be aware that it is an actual learning path to accomplish a cure.

Remember these Words of Wisdom

  • If you are not willing to change your life you cannot be healed.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.