Clinic of Dynamic Medicine


Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

The History of Homeopathy

The name Homeopathy is derived from the Greek language:
hómoios meaning ‘like’ and páthos meaning ‘suffering’.

Homeopathy is the name of the art and science of dynamic medicine that is based on The Law of Similars, the principle of ‘similia similibus curentur’ or ‘like cures like’, discovered and introduced by the German doctor and chemist, Samuel Hahnnemann in 1796.

The Law of Similars is a natural law, a principle of healing according to which a remedy substance that can produce a certain set of symptoms in a healthy person can cure these similar set of symptoms in a sick.

Hahneman discovered and developed the method of proving, whereby remedies were taken by healthy persons, in order to elicit the healing faculties of the remedies. The proving’s were recorded along with previous existing information of the remedies in Materia Medica’s, which became the important source of reference for any given homeopathic prescription.

He further invented the method of potentizing, an elaborate process of stepwise dilution and ‘succusion‘ (knocking) of the remedy substance, whereby all side effects vanish, while the remedy eventually becomes increasingly more active and potent as a medical healing agent.

Any source of material substance can serve as medical a healing agent.
The dynamic healing forces ever present in any kind of material substance are released during the process of potentizing, which enables a transfer of those energetic properties to another medium (water, alcohol or sugar), while leaving the material substance behind.

The potentized medicine is dynamic, and it will resonate on an energetic level with the person who takes it, when it is selected and prescribed in accordance with The Law of Similars.
It will then stimulate the inner healing forces, Dynamis or The Vital Force, which in turn will initiate an automatic healing response, a natural process leading towards a permanent cure.

Homeopathic medicine is thus natural, energetic, pure, diluted, free of side effects and safe to use, and the appropriate selected remedy naturally stimulates the healing resources always present deep within us; symptoms are not merely treated on their own; the cure is holistic, entirely embracing the whole person, leading to a permanent cure.

Hahnemanns philosophy of homeopathic healing was successfully aimed at producing the most rapid, gentle and permanent cures in acute as well as chronic cases.