Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

How do you find your way to my location?

You will find me in Helsingør Municipality at the address listed on the map below.
If you arrive by TRAIN from København or Hillerød, there are two posibillities.

# If you get off at Snekkersten Station, you follow the path along Borupgårdskolen.
The walk from the station takes about 15 minutes.

# If you get off at Helsingør Station, you continue by BUS 801A.
You get off at Rytterbakken, from where there is a short 1 minute walk.

The stop Rytterbakken is served by BUS 347, 801A and 840 that all drive towards the stop Prøvestenscentret, from where it is possible to change to other buslines. Køreplaner

If you arrive in your own vehicle, there is ample opportunity for free parking. 

Please note that there is no lift in the property.


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