QHHT Healing

Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

What is QHHT® –
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

QHHT® is a safe, profound healing technique developed and refined by pioneer hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014). For more in-depth understanding of the process of QHHT® you may visit Dolores Cannon’s webpage.

The client will follow these healing steps:

The Interview

The healing session is a 4-5 hour event starting with a 2 hour thorough informative interview.
This is to establish a basic knowledge and understanding of the client, how past events and present circumstances are affecting their life – and to build a mutual trust. The client presents their reasons for coming and eventually the most highlighted topics and problems become the focus for the healing.

The Induction

The client is lying on a bed, relaxed, with closed eyes while being guided by imagery towards the deepest possible state of relaxation, the somnambulistic state. This is a natural state that we all are very familiar with, as we are visiting it twice a day, when we are falling asleep and when we wake up again from our sleep. For the most part we are not fully conscious during this state. During a QHHT® session we don’t need to reach this state, and a majority of clients will maintain their full awareness.

The Past Life Experience – Regression

It is during this deeply relaxed state that the conscious mind is less able to interfere, and hence it is possible to bring the client to an experience of important events from this life or their past lives that would have caused disturbing imprints manifesting as actual problems in their present life. This experience may help release some of the stored emotional charge carried in these imprints.

The Subconscious Experience – Communication & Healing

Moving away from the past life experience, a further contact with their Higher Consciousness may help to fully eliminate the effect of these disturbing imprints. It is in this deeply relaxed state that it is possible to establish a contact and cooperate with the clients Higher Awareness. We call it the Subconscious (with a capital S) and we simply refer to it as “SC”.

This higher Subconscious is able to express itself in words spoken by the client and thus it is possible to have a communication going with the practitioner. This enables the practitioner to further question, explore and understand the cause and the depth of the problems the client are carrying, as these questions are answered by their Subconscious. The Subconscious has access to the knowledge and the healing source ever present at a higher level of our existence in a dimension we are not fully aware of during our usual conscious awaken state.

Finally, the Subconscious has the ability to provide a very deep and profound physical and emotional healing. This may happen if it is appropriate for the client according to the learning path they are currently following in this life.

Returning to the Conscious State

The client is then gently brought back to their fully aware, conscious state and the most important aspects of what has happened during the healing session are shared. This will help the client understand the previous underlying cause and effect of problems they may have brought into their present life, why these have manifested and how they have been released during the healing process.

The part of the session where the client is re-visiting their past life or lives, the communication and the additional healing provided by their Subconscious, is recorded and given to the client in order for them to listen and assimilate fully when back home. While repeatedly listening to the recording at home, a further understanding, integration and healing are made available to provide full benefit of the healing session.