Be Prepared

Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

Preparation for your QHHT Session

Before arrival

Please wear loose and comfortable clothes, warm socks and arrive with an open mind.
Prepare a list of max. 5 to 6 of your life questions for discussion during your QHHT Session. Please bring these on a piece of paper (not on an electronic gadget) in print or readable block letters.
It is good practice to meditate ahead of your session however it is not absolutely necessary.

During the Session

The first 2 hours or more are dedicated to you talking about your life experiences, any problems you would like to release, what you would like to learn more about and what you really would like to have happen in your life.

The Induction brings you safely into a deeply relaxed mode.
You may still be more or less aware of what is going on during the session and that is absolutely okay. We will allow your Ego to be present, if it wants to, but as an observer only – in the background.

Your inner journey of Past Life Experience begins and it is followed by the Subconscious Experience.
All way through you are being guided by my questions and you will be receiving your answers.

You are actually the one who will experience and communicate the answers.
The Subconscious will provide you with its answers through you and perform a body scan. During this, you may experience healing, if this is appropriate and in accordance with the learning track you are following on your life journey.
Your full experience is being recorded for you.

Everything is experienced in safety and in comfort and is totally confidential. You will feel wonderful all over after your QHHT session.

When you are fully aware again and returned to your Conscious State we will be sharing the most important aspects of your recent journey, learning and healing experience.

After the Session

After your session you will receive an email with a link to download the MP3 recording from Dropbox. You may also choose to bring your own USB stick or a blank CD for transfer of the recording.

Please listen to this when you are back home – over and over again – in order to process, understand, assimilate and integrate your healing experience fully. This is very important, as it is needed to complete and sustain your healing process – in order to receive a full healing.


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