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How did a QHHT® session affect your present life?

Jun. 2017
Thank you Soren for a wonderful session of Quantum Healing. You were very sensitive to guide me through the experience and gently ground me afterwards. I cannot exactly pinpoint, how this session helped me directly in my daily life, but it has confirmed many of my beliefs. I trusted the process entirely, but initially doubted my ability to ‘see’ what was happening. I thought I was making it up! As I got into it, the 2nd and 3rd lives were clearer, as I was very confident the images were ‘real’. As I have reflected on these over the past 2 years, I clearly see patterns of behavior that I have been able to transcend! To be able to realize the continuity of lives is a most remarkable experience.
Thank You,

Feb. 2017
Thank you so much for your excellent QHHT® healing experience Soren. It has been life changing and a life enhancing experience. Before the appointment, I was like a boat adrift on a stormy sea, feeling numb and indecisive. The technique that Soren used in the session provided a harbor, which allowed me to explore issues in my emotional and mental bodies from a different angle that my everyday mind could not address. The answers I received were very powerful and listening back to my self later gave me great reassurance to get past my temporary issue. It has increased my confidence and I now react differently to situations. It is something I will do again. Best of luck with QHHT®, I will recommend a session to anyone who wants answers to situations they cant get from everyday life.
Kind regards,

Nov. 2014
Thanks Soren, I really appreciated our QHHT® session.
I feel that it has really pulled together a lot of ties that I had about my past experience and it helped me to make sense of things that have happened in this life. The thing I liked the most is that I haven’t dwelt on the information and I feel that it has closed many doors and opened ones of healing and letting go now… I recommend this session to anybody who is truly interested in seeing the whole picture… Soren is a great facilitator, he is compassionate and takes his time, he also instinctively asked the right questions at the right time…
Thank you so much…


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