Supportive Healing

Clinic of Dynamic Medicine

Supportive Healing

A symptom is always a reflection of a cause.
Healing is always happening as a result of the activation of your own healing forces.
These may be stimulated and supported by different healing modalities such as:

  • Classical Homeopathy
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®
  • Nutritional Bio-Logical Counseling (RBTI)
  • Avalon™ Light Therapy

The healing process induced by Homeopathy is a good example.
The appropriate selected homeopathic remedy will stimulate the inner healing forces – Dynamis or The Vital Force – which in turn will initiate an automatic healing response, a natural process leading towards a permanent cure.

However, in order to raise the energy available for the initiated natural healing process, it is sometimes useful or even necessary to support this process further by:

  • eliminating possible obstacles to the cure
  • supporting the healing forces

Factors that may contribute to obstacles to the cure may include, but are not limited to:
insufficient diet, lack of minerals, lack of vitamins, unhealthy food choices, insufficient supply of pure water, parasites, environmental accumulated toxins, over consumption of alcohol, abuse of drugs, insufficient exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of sun, lack of sleep, certain medication, certain medical interventions, effects of former accidents, stressful living, over work, extreme physical exertion, worries, negative thinking, stuck emotional imprints.

In other words: a  certain change of lifestyle may be needed during the homeopathic treatment to accomplish a permanent cure, and in some cases other certain supporting healing modalities may be proposed to speed up the healing process, when this is considered helpful or needed. The same is true for ALL other healing modalities.

Clinic of Dynamic Medicine is offering several different healing modalities to support the healing process further.

When it is needed or considered helpful, clients may be recommended to seek medical advise and/or certain relevant healing modalities offered by competent therapists from other clinics.


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